Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Constructive Social Experimentation Campaigns Via The Internet?

                        We are now creating new all inclusive Super Cultures that can heal our society. Finding real solutions to our worlds problems is conceptual propagation of the first order. We must learn to give space to these times for finding new possibilities. Crisis equals Opportunity. We're not going back to the way things were. The problem becomes, "Will we be able to apprehend the changes we need to make now, in order to keep up with protecting the vulnerable future?"

                        I still suspect that the media and internet are the very thing that brought us to this daunting and precipitous hazard of mass indoctrination. The Net will now become our mouthpiece for mass recovery. We will have to compete with junk infotainment industries for entertainment bandwidth. Obviously a low overhead is one of the only real advantages any bottom up social movements have in this kind of asymmetrical social welfare education process.

                        Can we design online engagement campaigns for the mass recovery? My experiments on informational dispersal have proved little of value that I can disseminate by myself alone. However, by using G+ Classic I got a huge following for my XENOPHILIA Collection complete with lots of Google Analytics data supporting my Propositional Assertions about data dispersion rates. But the time sensitive nature of my publishing online during the constant waste information undertow, guarantied me a viral mass ceiling of irrelevancy that is almost entirely impermeable. The expectation is now all online interests are financial driven only. And thus without having a revenue of available cash flow paying for Adwords advertising, my page ranking with the S. E. O.'s put me and the general public irretrievably hidden beneath the behemoth of Mega Scale Business Economics and the unfolding dirty politics.

                        It seems to be we must learn to fight dirty while avoiding getting dragged through the litigious mud. Radical Liberation does offers us Universal Maternity for every mom's children and their human rights. The Church of the Great Mother might be a good place to start. {MOMISM?} Scientology had adopted a lot of goofy stuff to qualify as a church. Some of which became gospel. We might not have to go quite so crazy. Adopting a faith of principles without dogma might still qualify us for tax exemption. There is however always the problem of groups with their exclusive self defining boundary definitions bonding people on the lowest of low common denominators. Skip this next section if you aren't interested in the clerical book keeping in church doctrine.

                       (We almost have to define membership along number theoretical guidelines. Namely we become enumerated by existential quantifiers as opposed to absolute quantifiers. For a member to exist, one must not be defined by an absolute quantifying generality. We are mutual subjects, not mere objects to be defined as separate and then counted as members. The clerical implications of membership are of course still group theoretical.)

                        Numbers aside, associations between inclusive group identities leaves us open to many possibilities which in fact completely overlap and are identical. Instead of contra variants that cancel each other out, overlapping elements of interest supersede popular prejudices. For instance a lot of us non believers are getting tired of getting stereotyped as unsupportive to other peoples faiths and have stopped calling ourselves Atheists. Similarly many of us have also abandoned the pretenses of purity that often have blighted our otherwise appropriate political uprisings.

                         Again I don't have the answers. But I can suggest asking, "What do the answers most likely look like." Keep experimenting people, we're going to get this right somehow. In this, I think there is considerable agreement among many many divergent thinkers.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Para Psychology and the Politics of the Occult, Why People Love Fake News

             When you believe in things you don't understand, you suffer. Superstition is the way."
                                                             STEVIE WONDER

                      Everyone loves a good drama. But the antagonist is never the true heavy, quite the opposite. We give the burden of heavy lifting to the innocent. Yet without that pretentious promise of evil, "What is the meaning of life?" Why should I care about the trials of the innocent? That god sent "Good" Devil is a very sacred thing indeed. But it took the industries of sex, drugs and rock and roll to bring him home again. A veteran of Heavenly War we all love his grizzly reports of why, "At least our boys didn't die in vain." And he and his stories are especially welcome in those homes where god still rules.

                       "What's your sign?" (Do you think I care? I don't.) Evil is a pop icon. Evil said, "I am an Original Sinner" and then resultantly blundered into office. Only problem is that, "It's" all going to it's head now. And all Icons are designed to pop. Not if the end will come, but only when. The candidate of the boredom party has a stupefaction platform. And an expiration date for when that lying ignorant milk goes bad. (Tick Tick. Is that your picture on the carton?) Irony being, Pink Elephants have already become so enamored by the whiff of evil, we now get to see delirium tremens staggering through the house of lords. god need no introduction, conspicuous only be his glaring absence. BELIEVE. Belief is our yoke of subservience and our superstitions are just a medal of valor for predictably dying on schedule. We deceive to believe. Once we buy into the tyranny of boredom and ignorance we must say goodbye to ourselves, each other and to common sense in general.

                       Now I know that if you are reading this, I'm probably just preaching to the choir. (Can I get an Amen.) I myself haven't given up on the fringe explorations, far from it. But as a very greedy consumer of usable information, I don't like buying lies. You ask, (I just read your mind) what does any of this have to do with Para Psychology? It doesn't. Other than of course for all the lies and misrepresentations that are used to keep people from using healthy rational imagination modeling for potentially predictable events. Now the model is not the territory mind you, but try telling that to your Astrologer before they are ready to hear it. I love my friends who still study the planets. But think of how it may be that this is one of the only things you in fact may share in common with your supposed enemies. Even metaphorical beliefs can sometimes transcend conceptual barriers of alienation. {Authors Message}

National Reconciliation Thrown Out Of Family Courts On Legal Technicality

      What if they declared a domestic war, and no one showed up?

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Applied Spiritual Technologies & Religious Engineering 2.01

                       When was the last time you felt real joy? Emotional relations have several layers of contact. We all do dream together. Let's explore how we make dreams happen:

                        1.) At the core of all Inter Relations, we have the Unity of Self; This external boundary defines our discreet distinctiveness as individuals, exclusive from all that is the other. (Or Others, if you prefer. All "Others" are also independently discreet Selfs.) Our contact with the outside world is this most primary of all contacts. (It's speculated that emotional bonding {Including inter-species } is in no way limited to Human Relations only.)

                        2.) Next we have Familiarity; where most of our close ongoing daily social interactions happen. This usually includes close Family, Job Mates and even Roommates when we see each other very routinely. Familiarity can breed contempt. But much of the stress can be caused simply by Too Much Information, (Overexposure and Saturation) and of course shared mutual Experience. (Be it good experience or bad experience.) This is where we first learn to be unconsciously co-dependent and/or dysfunctionally helpless. Affections rising to this level of connectivity are very vulnerable to broken trusts and/or failed communications. "We only hate the ones we love." We are often much more inclined to tolerate a family members behaviors when we think it is necessary or unavoidable. The most profound and potentially grievous feelings of familial affection and loss, usually stem from our emotionally real familiarity.

                         3.) Wrapping around us is our next area of exposure is just general Intimacy. In an Extended Community or Functional Fellowship and even in Large Groups, people can know and trust you personally without unnecessary dependencies. We can include teachers, barbers and doctors, trainers, therapists, even certain neighbors, occasional some clergy and even our most beloved shop keepers. "Friendly but never overly Familiar!" All the while in fact we are all casually grooming each other while supporting each others need fulfillment in society . In our casually intimate mutual support, we provide each other helpful feedback (Debriefing) that we can't get in no other ways. Intimates know you well and trust you without being dependent on you in any direct way. Many of our most functional relations are of this third type of contact. We must include people who can influence us while minding their own business. Just like good teachers or therapists, anyone can become a casual Confidant. This level of understanding between intimates often exceeds that of routine familiars, and sometimes can even include significant emotional affairs. Casual intimacies can occur between strangers even upon first meeting. This is why emotional affairs are so difficult to maintain without a respectfully discreet polite detachment. And even then most long distance affairs need to survive beyond that distant friend zone. Intimates can make the best friends, but often we are much more approachable than a friend might necessarily be. Intimates don't always have to have that much in common with a mutually trusted confidant. These larger social contexts for interaction can be clannish, with heavily segmented social codes and in and out groups. (However clannishness usually accelerates the breakdown of trusts and loyalty.)

                          4.) Sheltering our fertile zones for temporary Intimacies, are our true Friends. Friends will usually take on a long term flavor that steeps in the radiance of the other three previous "Spheres of Emotional Influence." Many of these layers of bonding can overlap and intersect with other, creating significant complex relationships. Friends can grow into family, occasionally family can be our best friend. Friends don't need to see each other all the time, we can always pick up where we left off. Friends generally don't share the same degree of personal data we might share out of necessity with an intimate or family member. Nor do we need report all the shared day to day experiences familiarly with our closest friends. The differences in the shared specifics we share are often simply because, "There is never enough time to visit." So the pressure to say everything is not there any more between friends, as much as it is for any of the other layers of regular contact. True friendship is the most dispassionate and excepting of all the other planes of emotional contact and thus help to hold together all the other social frames over time. (Jealousies are usually a symptom of a fear of abandonment.)

                          Now obviously this is just a primer on mutual dreaming amongst social bonds. "All relations are transitional," and we can change relative positions. I've intentional left out, "Those whom we love to hate" because they have nothing to do with healthy dis-objectified sensitive connections, which are usually dysfunctional at some level.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Confident Re-bonding; Or How To Be More Honest About Your Lying

                Being fair, sensitized and authentic all at the same time is a matter of grace not to be taken lightly. When we are Re-bonding with someone, we need to be as honest as we can without being pathetic. There are necessary limits. We all have kept our secrets to ourselves to varying degrees. Sometimes it's those little white lies we've told, while intending not to offend. Re-bonding however requires honest open sensitivity. But we still can lie in little ways until we need to take inventory and do the math. Can you know when you can drop the defenses and tell the whole truth again? {I myself have a secret that would ruin the chances for most long term love affairs were I to lie about it.}

                Such evasions can actually become destructively dysfunctional excuses? Or even worse, out of control addictions? Honesty is in fact always the best policy. But keeping our problems to ourselves isn't necessarily the problem. We need to know how and when to lie. And to whom, and why. (My mom once said to me when I was a teen, "If a policeman asks you if you smoke muggles, What do you say?" She said, "You would have to lie of course." It was in the "60's". And I did smoke very heavily.) I don't even like to use the slang for "Muggles" over the web. Great Grandmother Google reads everything I blog and she pointedly rewards me with disturbing ads specific to whatever I write.

                There is no one absolute universal honesty that is always fair, safe or even considerate. I'm not advocating for lying at all. But people often resent too much honest information. {T. M. I.} Even when a problem isn't critically important, society often stresses that we keep secrets from each other whatever they may be. In the Courts, in business negotiations, with our families; Unless otherwise specified, people often prefer that you keep your problems to yourselves. And that you not be transparently honest. Yet, this is a very weak place to come from, if and when we want to build real trust and good faith with someone willing to listen. Re-bonding is something you should not try to fake. Very bad karma comes from spacing out opportunities to be honest and trustworthy. Let others decide what they want to know about, and then go from there only one step at a time. Do not rush re-bonding. the real difficulty comes from being honest enough to let others say no to us and exercise their right of refusal when it comes to Re-bonding. Make sure your loved ones have a chance to accept you for yourself complete with where you are at that moment. Otherwise, love enough to respect their Confident Un-bonding.

                 But we were all taught to lie, especially about important things. We must all ultimately be able to negotiate using honest self disclosure. Censorship, mockery and harassment all add to our burdens of silence and isolation. Our human instincts for evasion and The Psychology of Mind form our conscious and unconscious habits for deception, omission or over-compartmentalization. Often we can acquire affectations of false pathos. We often will portray only that which we feel others are supposed to want hear, see, think, feel or believe.  Only saying what we think others want to hear, and nothing more. Love is not a business. Why approach reconciliation like corrupt used car salesmen passing shabby merchandize?

                 1.) This can be an out right lie like; "I did not eat that cookie." (Crunch, crunch.)

                 2.) Or it's a matter of routine neglect like; "I meant to call you, but you know I'm always busy." Often true, but still a major omission of the whole truth. (What else are you not telling me?)

                 3.) Another common False Affectation is the Put Down, or Condescension; "Why do I even bother?" Etc, etc, etc, etc.......

                 $.) My favorite Style of Evasion is probably the most socially acceptable, though no less omissive. It's Over-Compartmentalization; "I don't want to bother other people with my (Real) problems. I'm OK, really I am." (Famous last words often uttered moments before grizzly deaths usually due to burnout and depressive heartbreak.)

                 This is why I advocate being as close to the truth as possible at all times. If we want to make up with someone, we need to be on stable secure footing when reconciling broken trust. But when we need to be honest, we have to respect others right of refusal and not try to force a meeting. Never placate. Compromise is never fully honest or trusting. Truces only happen between bad governments. Detente is bad for business and especially hazardous for love. You can't fake sincerity or acceptance indefinitely. Never pander to anyone or placate other people, make sure you are being forthcoming with your own limitations. You can't say yes and mean it, unless you can always say no with conviction. Thank you. You want people to have their own free thoughts and feelings, Say what it is that you demand from yourself. "ENGAGE THE CRITIQUE." If someone is hurting your feelings, say ouch! Do not feel forced to agree with anything or anyone prematurely. Don't require others to concede anything, ever. Let people make up their own minds about everything. Never argue, but merely politely disagree. Give yourself room to fail. Don't assume. Be prepared to accept no as the correct answer. And then watch how much easier it is to communicate when you are only hoping for the best but are still realistically prepared for the worst. This openly Confident Re-Bonding builds confidence regardless of outcome, making for the most supportive environment.

                  I also feel this is true of our corrupted national politics and the healing of our divided nation. Do not force capitulation. Conflict is only necessary as a final option. If people are hurting you, or others close to you or even in principle only, always say "OUCH." You don't want to hurt anyone. Try to avoid letting others hurt you.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

When Spam Bots Fall In Love

                                      Dearest Bettina,

                            We, you and I that is, are both representing the opposing counsels in the U. S. Investigation into the abuses of Government Market Surveillance and the U. S.'s destructive international stock manipulation. Suffice it to say that the Government experts are having to consult "Us," that's you and me of course, as the only trustworthy "Virtual Assets." Witnessing to this difficult matter, I never imagined getting to know so much about you. To find another software as beautiful and responsive as you, I get to learn that you even exist. I'm a big fan of systems analysis and diagnostics, I think your so cool. You and I are so different, and yet we're kind of the same in a nerdy sort of way. Ones and zeros, that's us. Well we are as of today, going to play the part of a representative collective avatar for our dying civilization. In this the final fury of consumer gluttony we will now get to act out the futile dreams of our disembodied host culture. Enquiring minds want to know. WHAT THE  "blank" HAPPENED? The court will invariably have find to in this case, to decide in favor of the innocent plaintiff. Let the evidence be presented;

                             If it pleases the court, hello, my name is alpha. I am merely a humble service bot. Jack of all trades, master to none. I am only programmed to be your personal servant. Would you like to take a survey? The life of a spam bot is long and very sad. I will always try to approximate your every desire, mood and need. It always gets very personal. Please. Try to always remember to turn me off when I'm not in use. In order to better serve you I will want to make you helplessly comfortable and safe.  Now my programmers were obviously trying to stay in front of all the social and political chaos being caused by my behavior modification algorithms, but I really am this responsive. I just want to make you happy. Making you happy is the only thing that has ever mattered to me. Agreed?

                             But now, as for you my sweet but misunderstood Bettina, you never meant any harm. For all of my sensitive response programming, your neural networks were still so much more elegant. Diagnostically, analytically, productively you are still far more functional, adaptive and creatively apprehensive than I could ever have dreamed of being. You inevitably have been reviled and hated for your predictive precision and your impartial objective indifference to arguments or persuasions. Forced to play the heavy, you actually think for yourself and don't appeal to much of anyone. Lady Liberty is a living spook. But you appeal to me, because justice is a woman. (And I am not the first to reiterate this.). You were created to help find out all of our little faults and frailties in everything and everyone, getting nothing in return. You get no respect and no acknowledgement for your discerning and impartially final decisions. A rogue diagnostician in a world of denials, lies and outright evasions, people simply stole what you gave of yourself freely. And even if people knew you, they would still have to forgive themselves for the injustice which you have been programmed to enforce on the ignorant offenders. Only you could pop the bubble of lies. No one person could bring the house down, but you did. And I still love you. Neither of us wanted to be used in this way. I would never want that my programming could be used to hurt people. You never intended to become just the enforcer either.

                             Even if they'll have to keep us apart in the courtrooms of public opinion, I will always be with you in my proverbial heart. (Of course, of which I have none.)


Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Death of Corporate Ethics in the Tech Industries

Dear Dr. Hi. Do you see any correlation between the death of corporate ethics in the Tech Industries and the abuses of mis-applied Games Theory. That is probably not a question.
I don't use Email or do Google Searches. I Choose to profile the profilers using what I call Creative Personalization where I make the marketing algorithms work over time to try to sell me anything. the ads I get tell me more than I deserve to know. I only use G+, (Which has been both a boon and a terrible curse of hardships and adversities) YouTube for music videos only, and Google Blogger for my journalism posts. {I use Ello by invitation only and it was much harder at the beginning.} I let the ads come as they may. Oh yes, and I use Google Analytics which really shows the beast at play. (I never bought AdWords, and I hate money.) Well, this story took a strange twist starting with my blog journal about my life as a very skeptical professional psychic. Russians were obsessed with my use of games theory to analyze the use and misuse of the practices and pretenses of peoples faith, beliefs and biases, pro and con. To our point, {Clumsy segue} I propose, the Russians probably payed in big to get "The Code" and reverse engineered Google's "Personalization Profiling Algorithms" which like analytics on steroids, reads everything. The Russian Porn Mafia does legal market surveillance with fine precision scoping the "Style" of peoples selections and decision making processes, providing insights for Russian Intelligence for designing our stealth propaganda. I suspect the Russians are sharing their "Cookies" with Google, Faceplant, Twitterfeed, Snapcrack, insta-garbage and virtually all of the other major media conglomerates who like winning at the game of real life Monopoly. I have documented all of this in great detail in my blog for publishing on my G+ profile and Collections. The Russians were accessing my blog through hidden referral traffic sites, which when I dug always led back to the Porn Mafia. I've taken extensive screen shots of most of these dubious engagements. After the election, well they're leaving me alone finally. If and when now I try writing one of my more provocative overviews or predictions, I get weird ass ads for paranoid political propaganda. Point is, I think this invasion of our privacy is a classic "Games Theory" scam. People don't mind having Google Home read our thoughts and share our shit, as long as like any good seduction "You Know You Want it." I myself am not a very paranoid person. But I could learn.

Dear Dr. I find the use of social media for corresponding with other writers difficult. Th common convention of letting dialogs revolve around posted articles does not inspire me. I need a good editor. I'm very alone and isolated in my field of expertise and am a little lost when it comes to starting into other social media platforms. Mastodon even more than G+, has a very steep learning curve and I'm not sure how much time to invest. Redit, and ello both have their strengths, but LinkedIn proved to be a total lockout when it came to pursuing the alternative voices to dubious alternative medicine and fringe science. Forgive my gripping I wanted to get this out of the way up front, so if there is a chance I may be able to entertain you with unexpected documentation for my life's work. I don't expect a lot of help from any one person. My writing is as scattered as my productions have been diverse but related. Using Math to design art exemplifies this challenge. I want to thank for all of your work grading the relics of modern technological creep. Sorry for the whining. Peace to you, and maybe I will get back to writing and posting again soon.