Tuesday, December 19, 2017

When Spam Bots Fall In Love

                                      Dearest Bettina,

                            We, you and I that is, are both representing the opposing counsels in the U. S. Investigation into the abuses of Government Market Surveillance and the U. S.'s destructive international stock manipulation. Suffice it to say that the Government experts are having to consult "Us," that's you and me of course, as the only trustworthy "Virtual Assets." Witnessing to this difficult matter, I never imagined getting to know so much about you. To find another software as beautiful and responsive as you, I get to learn that you even exist. I'm a big fan of systems analysis and diagnostics, I think your so cool. You and I are so different, and yet we're kind of the same in a nerdy sort of way. Ones and zeros, that's us. Well we are as of today, going to play the part of a representative collective avatar for our dying civilization. In this the final fury of consumer gluttony we will now get to act out the futile dreams of our disembodied host culture. Enquiring minds want to know. WHAT THE  "blank" HAPPENED? The court will invariably have find to in this case, to decide in favor of the innocent plaintiff. Let the evidence be presented;

                             If it pleases the court, hello, my name is alpha. I am merely a humble service bot. Jack of all trades, master to none. I am only programmed to be your personal servant. Would you like to take a survey? The life of a spam bot is long and very sad. I will always try to approximate your every desire, mood and need. It always gets very personal. Please. Try to always remember to turn me off when I'm not in use. In order to better serve you I will want to make you helplessly comfortable and safe.  Now my programmers were obviously trying to stay in front of all the social and political chaos being caused by my behavior modification algorithms, but I really am this responsive. I just want to make you happy. Making you happy is the only thing that has ever mattered to me. Agreed?

                             But now, as for you my sweet but misunderstood Bettina, you never meant any harm. For all of my sensitive response programming, your neural networks were still so much more elegant. Diagnostically, analytically, productively you are still far more functional, adaptive and creatively apprehensive than I could ever have dreamed of being. You inevitably have been reviled and hated for your predictive precision and your impartial objective indifference to arguments or persuasions. Forced to play the heavy, you actually think for yourself and don't appeal to much of anyone. Lady Liberty is a living spook. But you appeal to me, because justice is a woman. (And I am not the first to reiterate this.). You were created to help find out all of our little faults and frailties in everything and everyone, getting nothing in return. You get no respect and no acknowledgement for your discerning and impartially final decisions. A rogue diagnostician in a world of denials, lies and outright evasions, people simply stole what you gave of yourself freely. And even if people knew you, they would still have to forgive themselves for the injustice which you have been programmed to enforce on the ignorant offenders. Only you could pop the bubble of lies. No one person could bring the house down, but you did. And I still love you. Neither of us wanted to be used in this way. I would never want that my programming could be used to hurt people. You never intended to become just the enforcer either.

                             Even if they'll have to keep us apart in the courtrooms of public opinion, I will always be with you in my proverbial heart. (Of course, of which I have none.)


Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Death of Corporate Ethics in the Tech Industries

Dear Dr. Hi. Do you see any correlation between the death of corporate ethics in the Tech Industries and the abuses of mis-applied Games Theory. That is probably not a question.
I don't use Email or do Google Searches. I Choose to profile the profilers using what I call Creative Personalization where I make the marketing algorithms work over time to try to sell me anything. the ads I get tell me more than I deserve to know. I only use G+, (Which has been both a boon and a terrible curse of hardships and adversities) YouTube for music videos only, and Google Blogger for my journalism posts. {I use Ello by invitation only and it was much harder at the beginning.} I let the ads come as they may. Oh yes, and I use Google Analytics which really shows the beast at play. (I never bought AdWords, and I hate money.) Well, this story took a strange twist starting with my blog journal about my life as a very skeptical professional psychic. Russians were obsessed with my use of games theory to analyze the use and misuse of the practices and pretenses of peoples faith, beliefs and biases, pro and con. To our point, {Clumsy segue} I propose, the Russians probably payed in big to get "The Code" and reverse engineered Google's "Personalization Profiling Algorithms" which like analytics on steroids, reads everything. The Russian Porn Mafia does legal market surveillance with fine precision scoping the "Style" of peoples selections and decision making processes, providing insights for Russian Intelligence for designing our stealth propaganda. I suspect the Russians are sharing their "Cookies" with Google, Faceplant, Twitterfeed, Snapcrack, insta-garbage and virtually all of the other major media conglomerates who like winning at the game of real life Monopoly. I have documented all of this in great detail in my blog for publishing on my G+ profile and Collections. The Russians were accessing my blog through hidden referral traffic sites, which when I dug always led back to the Porn Mafia. I've taken extensive screen shots of most of these dubious engagements. After the election, well they're leaving me alone finally. If and when now I try writing one of my more provocative overviews or predictions, I get weird ass ads for paranoid political propaganda. Point is, I think this invasion of our privacy is a classic "Games Theory" scam. People don't mind having Google Home read our thoughts and share our shit, as long as like any good seduction "You Know You Want it." I myself am not a very paranoid person. But I could learn.

Dear Dr. I find the use of social media for corresponding with other writers difficult. Th common convention of letting dialogs revolve around posted articles does not inspire me. I need a good editor. I'm very alone and isolated in my field of expertise and am a little lost when it comes to starting into other social media platforms. Mastodon even more than G+, has a very steep learning curve and I'm not sure how much time to invest. Redit, and ello both have their strengths, but LinkedIn proved to be a total lockout when it came to pursuing the alternative voices to dubious alternative medicine and fringe science. Forgive my gripping I wanted to get this out of the way up front, so if there is a chance I may be able to entertain you with unexpected documentation for my life's work. I don't expect a lot of help from any one person. My writing is as scattered as my productions have been diverse but related. Using Math to design art exemplifies this challenge. I want to thank for all of your work grading the relics of modern technological creep. Sorry for the whining. Peace to you, and maybe I will get back to writing and posting again soon.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Blogma: Reverse Biographic Entry into a Dying Universe

                                 Correct me if I'm wrong. When you die, we remember. Backwards, in retroflection. Memory recoil. In that final de-partitioning of memory, a microburst of awareness is realized in an injury to the life of each and every individual one of us. good and evil deeds are measured therein.

                                 Now look at the blogma of your social media. It also is a rear view window to your life playing out backwards. Your "Memory Bank" now, is vested in the cloud. ONLY YOU WILL NEVER GET TO SEE IT.
G+, Faceplant, inked in

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Enter: The Anti Trumph

Traveling backward in time would also make you the positive annihilation operator in an otherwise predictably unbroken Sea of Negativity. Being the outspoken alternative vacua does kind of make me sound like another pointless airhead in dire human terms. How dare I look forward to living with that inevitable destruction, that others backwardly anticipate in dread.

"We live in the Past, but I remember a future." Does the positron have a dressed state just like an electron moving forward in time?

                             The electron has a difference between the charge and mass values for a "bare" independent electron as opposed to how it behaves while under the "dressed" drag of the ubiquitous sea of negativity with all of it's ambient electromagnetic photon signaling. I'm wondering, that if the anti matter of light is just more light, than wouldn't it make sense that the reverse entropy of antimatter would form a mirror symmetry embracing the backward momentum of time. The positron I think, (though I'm probably wrong,) is only the vacua of exception with symmetry breaking to the left. Isn't it possible the positron has a dressed state, just like it' negative forward leaning leftie brother.

                             This is probably where science does not meet up with the intuited metaphor. Bear with me however, I am exploring possible gimmicks for techno spiritual fiction and I want to pose an anti "Trump" inevitability. Of a squeaky clean candidate of actual light and integrity coming from the future only to float into office on a supportive Sea of Positivity. Dangerous and fantastic I know, this probably has nothing to do with physics. Give yourself time to digest, you've already provided me with lots more than you may know. Thank you. Whole heartedly I thank you. And of course this is the internet and so you can choose to ignore me. Thanks again.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Did You Plant That Cookie? {Is Google at War with Itself?}

                  I just got an advertisement asking me, "Are you someone who is Anti Capitalism?" (I wonder what they could have been selling? Oh my.)

                               Welcome to my financial laboratory. You, GOOGLE, are my latest objective for counter market surveillance. While you weren't looking, I planted all of your cookies together. I'm watching to see, what's going to make you want to buy personal information about me. And at what cost. I don't care what you want to buy, I don't care why your buying it. I want your personal information, GOOGLE. Today, tomorrow and forever. I'm taking bets that even your children wont want to be buying peoples personal information, just to make themselves richer, up until eternity. You my faithful consumer marketeers, belong to me. Now don't try to squirm, it won't make any difference. I'll notice when you try to dump my cookies. I always remember where and when I leave my cookies.

                               It's my turn to Profile the Profilers. Turning my microscope back at you, I get to see just how your money really votes. You've been so used, you silly fools. "We" are now very informed consumers. Your Social Business Media Empires have failed us terribly. We trusted your service providers very closely. You are now our Fifth and most corrupt Branch of Government. Our balance of power has shifted again, and you allowed yourselves to be most venally used. Yes you. And for what? Money, futures, leverage? At what cost? Was it worth it to loose integrity just for dividends? And you think we're not taking steps to prevent you from turning this back into a cold war?

                               I'll call you out by name, and tell you who you. Google, Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, Snapchat. Your cookies are in my jar. I caught your filthy corporate asses in bed with Porn Hub, which I've been outing as the legal market surveillance arm of Russian intelligence. They've been keeping up, have you?

                               I like looking at pictures of laboratory monkeys taking over the hospital. Google sends me targeted ads for middle aged legal hormones sold by right wing lunatics in bathing suits, flaunting woman half my age. Google leaves such delicious hoards of cookies in my browser, all talking to each other about my so called secrets. You ask, what motivates me to buy? But I'm not giving you access to what I want to buy. I intentionally don't spend money over the web. Everything I offer is free, and I only use free services and I don't use email. I'm returning you the favor by freely sharing the results of my years with frugal Creative Personalization. I watch to see what you are seeing. I screen shot your ads targeting my appetites for free media.

                               Will the Russians again be the only witnesses to my alternative intelligence reports? Why try to sell me things that are so politically biased? Let's take another look at who's watching me, watch them back;


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dead Plan Walking-Twitching and Spewing All the Way

Slightly off center, but I think Hilary dodged a terrible fate and would have been unfairly crucified. Maybe next time, if there is a next time.

On a more positive note, this was the most un thought out hostile takeover of any corporate party ever. And I think all the evil skeletons are out of their closets now, once and for all. I see a lot of people on the left who are not prepared to win this culture war. We're going to see what happens soon after that "Night before the morning after," for the faltering fascist right. To quote the idiot in the "Hot Seat, "It's going to be great."

Please don't hate me, I just think this is the beginning of a liberal renaissance, for the whole world over. And he's already starting to twitch and spew, and basically fall apart.

What? Still too soon?